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Half day course

This four hour course with lunch and all materials is intended to show individuals with £250,000+ how to increase for themselves their capital, or spendable income in retirement. Although we do provide research to 'DIY' investors (see the Key Plus service), we assume on this course that you will not become one of our private clients, and therefore we carefully train people on how to duplicate the work we do in selecting 'Best Buys'.

On our course, we teach how best to apply planning tools. We show how to use the tools to find the portfolio design of risk and return that best achieves your personal objectives. We show how to convert this into an asset allocation. We then show how to select securities and time a purchase, and then to decide the time to sell.

We do not assume you will want to invest in quoted shares. We comfortably cover the whole range of possible investments, and their tax treatment, including property and private equities in a way that allows you to make good, informed decisions for life.

The course is fours hours, with lunch, and a Q&A session. We are running these courses at selected locations in the UK and Europe, and each attendee group numbers 6 people or less. The cost of the course is £175 per person, including all material.

The course supports any investor who wants to invest without middle-men (IFAs and fund managers). Bespoke portfolios offer the potential to pay less tax and more selective targeting for continuing growth in a low-growth world. Our private clients invest in individual securities, giving the extra advantage of avoiding fund charges. These are often 3% p.a. - in other words, nearly half the return you might expect to make - and therefore offer a long term performance disincentive. ETFs commonly charge 1% to 1.5% annually in total for investing (that is both management fee, and dealing costs) whereas investing directly should cost you no more than 0.3% annually. Attendees learn how to match the best returns available, as reported by Asset Risk Consultants' Private Client Indices, by only spending an average of two hours per month. You can verify this via our clients testimonials.

The current choice of locations is London, Exeter, Bristol. We can always add a new location of there is more than 3 requests for this area. To join the next course, please email us to let us know which location suits you best.