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About Us

This video presents the reaction from different individuals to the first course we offer.

In a world where every 'financial adviser' seems to turn out to be a sales person, most people hear how we present ourselves and then assume they must have misunderstood. It typically takes us several long conversations to confirm that we do not sell pre-packaged financial products: instead we create a bespoke portfolio out of 'raw' ingredients.

We run two bespoke in-house courses for clients. The primary purpose of these courses is to help attendees make good long term decisions concerning their accepted risk, management style, ethical preferences, use of tax favoured accounts, reporting benchmark, stressed income levels, removel of excess financial service charges, optimisation of employee benefits and tax reduction tactics for all invested assets.

On the half day course, we map how clients can achieve above-average performance for themselves. We also offer the use of our investment tools, together with a carefully briefed, how these can be used eficiently.

What performance can be achieved?

'Best' performance from world markets means, in academic terminology, achieving the 'efficient frontier'. In common language, that is 'the best trend return from world markets achievable while maintaining one's risk at a pre-selected level.

Or, even more simply, 5% to 7% as an annual trend after all charges, since just before the last crash (March 2008).

One of the extraordinary facts about behavioural finance is that people do not know what return they have been achieving, and are shocked that no one but them is responsible for attaining performance. On our course we explain why financial services have evolved this way, and expose the huge variation in performance that people actually achieve, and therefore place the above return in perspective. It is, in fact, 'good' to 'outstanding' for a high net worth investor.