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Our 'Advisory' service is for individuals who wish to retain control over their transactions, but who do not have the time to research and select individual securities. IWM provides the following features:

  •  suggested limit order phrasing with specific buy and sell recommendations
  •  'Best Buy' research
  •  annual performance report in July, with a comparison of the portfolio's risk and return to the selected benchmark (one of the Private Client indices from Asset Risk Consultants)
  •  monthly reports of the world ecomony with an emphasis upon how to maintain returns in today's economics
  •  Tax Computation and Return in September, with all investor schedules complete

Over the years this service has consistently delivered good results, and these results have been the basis for the majority of the testimonials offered.


We aim to charge 0.6% p.a. on a £1m portfolio after all discounts. Our standard fee is 1% of assets under management with discounts for volume, and for completion of a Financial Plan, with a minimum fee of £1,800 p.a.

While mentioning fees, let us also mention that we have a style of investing that markedly reduces transaction and custody charges, from 3% p.a. on average to 0.3%. This is less than the cost of robo-advised investment in ETFs (because ETFs have transaction charges of 1% to 2%) as well as their asset management fees).