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To ensure that your assets are performing at the best possible level, there is a great deal of information to stay on top of.

To make it easier for our clients and as a result of his years of experience Robert Noble-Warren has wriiten his own book on what a savy investor should know and understand. Together with the company guide called 'Key Risks for Clients 2010-2030' we consider these two to cover the basic information needed when managing one's own assets.

  • Self Directed Wealth – Robert Noble-Warren
  • Key Risks for Clients 2010-30 - Robert Noble-Warren


We monitor world trends and continually gather information from a range of sources. Some of the websites bleow are publishing official data on world trends on economic growth and GDP figures.

http://www.imf.org - The International Monetary Fund gathers world data, offers global reviews and economic forecasts

http://www.un.org - The United Nations’ Economic and Social Council has offers research on world and local trends

http://www.morningstar.co.uk - Morningstar can offer real investment data and the opportunity to create your “dream” portfolio and see how it behaves. This is the website which you can use when agreeing your volatility

http://www.cfp.net - The Certified Financial Planners Board is a non-profit organisation that originally granted the CFP® mark worldwide. Planning is the process by which an individual determines how best to achieve their objectives, using financial, intellectual and social capital. A CFP licensee must commence a planning engagement with a computation of the chance a person has of achieving their current objectives with their current plan. A simple way to explain planning is that it discovers how to improve that chance. Planners must be impartial, broadly based, and multi-disciplinary. They must also work to find 'best' solutions, not 'approrpriate' solutions, and therefore their advice often disagrees with that offered by those advisers who are trained to find an appropriate retail product.


Over the years we have glimped at the fact that for many clients money is not simply a 'saved amount' but a resource, that has moral, ethical obligations towards onself and the family. Hence we have found a lot of other publications helpful in understanding how to conduct and present our findings to clients.  May be you can find some of these helpful:

  • The Physics of Finance – James Owen Weatherall
  • Your Money or Your Life – Alvin Hall
  • The price of Inequality – Joseph E. Stiglitz
  • The Wealth of nations - Adam Smith
  • Race for riches - Jeremy Seabrook
  • Small is beautiful - E.F.schumacher
  • The state we'are in - Will Hutton
  • Money, Heart and Mind - william Bloom
  • Prosperity without growth - Tim Jackson