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Family Office

Our 'Family Office' service is for those individuals who wish to have an integrated planning and asset management and tax service from the same firm.

This design offers convenience and time saving features for the busy individual with multiple compliance and reporting obligations for trusts, companies, and dealing accounts, often in different tax jurisdictions.

Independence Wealth Management provides the following services as standard:-

  • - cash flow management and annual planning report in April
  • - asset management and annual performance report in July
  • - tax returns and tax reduction annual report in September

At least one member from the family will have undertaken our initial course and agreed the strategies and tactics the family will follow to manage their wealth. We will provide additional educational events for other members of the family upon request.


This service should be compared with the combined services of an IFA, asset manager, and tax accountant. We charge 2% of assets under management with discounts for volume, and minimum fee of £7,200 p.a.

We would like to point out that we avoid investing in retail packaged products, which often cost 3% p.a., and instead invest directly at 0.4% total dealing charges.