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Weekend course

For a high net worth investor managing £1m, this 'course', run over a long weekend for one couple at a time, will normally add about £200,000 to one's net worth over a period of 10 years. In retirement, we usually work out the improvement at a more modest £5,000 net spend extra per year.

Perhaps more importantly, it gives time to do what you would have wanted to all along, through your own confidence and easily-run process to manage your wealth.

We say you can always trust one person to make choices in your best interests - yourself. The purpose of our Course is to build your knowledge and competence to the point where your decisions are 'good' and last for a lifetime. We believe you can use this course to permanently dispense with the planning services of an IFA.

The Course provides personal coaching, analyses and coaching assistance, together with a formal written Financial Plan, and includes:

  • three days at a location that suits you. For those outside Europe, we can deliver our course remotely.
  • the course workbook and our book 'Self Directed Wealth'.
  • the right balance of time to study, for introspection, discussion and relaxation
  • a skilled coach to resolve heuristics, misunderstandings and align expectations with the current economic realities
  • a short-list of specially negotiated stockbroking and private bank trading accounts

As advisers, our firm has an unusual design. Our purpose is to brief you so well on your options, you do not require an annual planning service thereafter. We have found many of the packaged retail financial products to be less effective than not using them at all (putting money on deposit), consequently, although we analyse them for you, we rarely recommend using them. Where we do suggest you use a financial product, it is always a streamlined, low charging, execution only account that needs competent setting up. Never do we take commission, or charge a fee for investing money. Instead we help you organise your affairs to invest in a style you are happy with, have direct control of, and with minimal charges.


Each weekend cover the following Chapters: -

► Outline - your outline solution to accumulate sufficient wealth and then to deplete it with most income, safely.

► Portfolio Strategies - the asset allocation that achieves most return for the optimum risk you have chosen; our select choice of wrap accounts with stockbrokers and private banks that provide the on-going service that you need at a reasonable and efficient cost; custody and balance sheet risk considerations for your chosen bank. We include tactics - when to buy and when to sell, applied to your own existing portfolio to test the rules in practice and to implement; best buys research and a discussion of current buy opportunities resulting in an agreed discipline for deciding engagement, dealing rules, timing rules and reporting requirements.

► Pensions - picking through your existing pensions to remove as many annual charges as we can, bringing them together into one account and deciding the optimum asset allocation for this portfolio; maximising State Pensions, including a consideration of cross border Social Security agreements if required, and any required decisions to optimise your existing occupational pensions.

► Least Tax - how to run the portfolio and your other assets for least tax

► Best broker accounts - create a shortlist of features for your broker or private bank and a personal (and often in person) introduction to your top three

► Wealth Checklist - We help you develop your checklist to use every year to ensure you have covered everything you should and that your wealth is performing at optimum.

Who will not benefit from this course

Individuals whose personal wealth is adequately provided by others - whether by way of trusts or defined benefit pensions - will not benefit from our course, because there is little we can do to improve your outcome. 

Occasionally, an enquirer will have an expectation of personal service that is provide at Ultra HNW levels, but is no longer available. Individuals who would like to simply replace a defined benefit pension with some other group providing a guaranteed pension will take some time to believe that such a service is also no longer available.

All other individuals with more than £200,000 in invested assets will benefit from the course. Our Guarantee of Satisfaction works by asking if a person has actually experienced value after the weekend, and only if the reply is positive do we ask for payment.


Our fees are £3,000 + VAT. No VAT is charged to individuals not resident in the EU area. We fully intend that you will recoup at least the cost of your Course in the first year alone, from reduced financial service charges alone.

To book please contact our Client Relationship Manager, Irina iordanova, and choose a location where you can relax as well as participate for between five and six hours per day. We will arrange all the course material and analyses.