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Professional Standards

To preserve transparency in our dealings with clients, we do not act as an agent for any financial product provider. We remove every conflict of interest that might prejudice our professional judgement. We are not receiving commission as asset managers (share of dealing), nor when we act as planners (by being paid from product providers). We teach clients how to safely undertake their own transactions and strip away many unnecessary costs.

IWM is 'passported' to deliver investment advice in most countries in the EU.

IWM works with some clients who are based in the USA under SEC exemptions, but does not actively market in the USA or its territories.


We trust that each client knows what is best for him or her, and we respect that. However, where an individual pursues actions that we think will eventually be to their detriment, we pro-actively approach the client and express clearly our concern. We trust our clients to understand the boundaries of the level of annual service that they select.


Our style is do our planning so well it does not need to be repeated. This allows us to remove all commission and fees on investing new money. 

When delivering planning advice we work to the practice standards of the Financial Planning Standards Board. We are 'fee-only', as defined by international planning standards. This is possibly unique in the UK. Financial advisers cannot claim to be 'fee-only' if they receive payment from life companies or stockbrokers for the investment of new money, in the UK, the FCA commonly uses the term 'fee-only' to label advisers where they accept such payment.

In the context of the phrase 'independendent financial adviser', accepting money for new investment from product providers prejudices impartiality. The Solicitor's Regulator Authority has commented:-

""We can sympathise with the SRA‘s dilemma in being presented with the need to attempt to reconcile the FSA‘s botched attempt to re-define the word independence as meaning something other than what all consumers know it to mean, and what it has always meant and still means in every other context in the legal profession, namely avoiding the conflict of interest which arises from being subject to the influence of a third party.


Where we offer tax advice, it is given within the professional rules of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. IWM is a firm of 'chartered tax advisers'.

Asset Management

IWM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for UK investment business. IWM is an 'independent' firm within the meaning of those rules. IWM holds MIFID permissions to meet and give 'investment advice' to individuals in many EU countries. The rules and regulations made by the FCA, the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 for the protection of investors may not apply outside the UK. Such advice given within Jersey is permitted under the authority of an FSC exemption.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

We offer our guarantee of satisfaction on our stand-alone services. Upon the completion of a service, clients pay if they agreed they have experienced value for money.

VAT is charged if the customer is resident within the EU area.


Should you decide to undertake investment transactions with a broker or bank, you will incur transaction costs, which you will pay directly to your broker, and which IWM is not party to. We do, however, make available our shortlist of brokers and private banks with whom we have negotiated discounts.

Compensation Scheme

WIM is a firm within the Financial Service Compensation Scheme in the UK. Cover from the scheme may be available on some of your existing investments, depending upon whether they were issued within the FCA's jurisdiction.

Independence Wealth Management Limited ('IWM') is a Limited Company registered in England No. 4508365, and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority 223376. Registered office for administration: House of Owls Buryas Bridge Cornwall TR19 6AS Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority VAT Registered in the UK: 874 4080 13