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Key Plus

Key Plus Service 

Our 'Key Plus' service is for individuals who wish to retain control over their transactions and make their own investment decisions with the assistance of our research. Typically this service appeals to investors who are happy to execute their own trades through their chosen stockbroker.

Independence Wealth Management provides the following elements as standard:-

  • - regular reports on Best Buy securities
  • - recommended asset allocation and commentary through the 'Investor's Diary' blog, written by columnist Rob Noble-Warren
  • - access to our shortlist of broker and private bank accounts on specially negotiated terms
  • - free access to our 'Key Risks' report on planning assumptions for portfolios
  • - UK Tax Return calculation for UK residents. This calculation is completed upon a receipt of all personal information and it includes the investment schedules (included are also self employed, employed, gains, accrued income, fixed interest UK and interenational, Lloyds Name, pensions schedules) 

We request that each client on this service passes our 'Competent Investor' quiz every five years in order to demonstrate that they are fully competent to invest directly into securities and to dispense with the services of a planner or IFA.

Fee for Key Plus

£45 per month inclusive of 20% VAT. VAT is not charged to a person resident outside the EU area.

We would like to point out that we avoid investing in retail packaged products, which often cost 3% p.a., and instead recommend direct investments, which may cost as little as 0.3% for the annual transactions and custody charges.

This service is a good fit for those who already have an excellent understanding of asset management and are at a proven level of competency – either having taken our Course, or having managed a portfolio. They will be asked to sign a self certified declaration that they are knowledgeable and can be regarded as a sophisticated investor.


Key Service 

Our Key Service is available to IWM clients, who want to reduce their level of existing service to the Tax Computation element only, (as per above). Usually this service is taken up when there is no further need for investment advice. The client will receive a computation from us, which they will undertake to check and submit.

We can only offer this service to clients where we are well informed regarding their finances.

The cost for the service is £25 per month. Please do contact us if you beleive this service will suit you.